Should I own a business?

The decision to start a business is one of the biggest of your life. We’ll help you make the right one.

Learn about the reality of business ownership

Owning and running a small business can be satisfying, stressful, exhilarating and tiring – all in the same day!

Sometimes the finances can look great – other times not so much!

There are times when it feels great to be the boss and others when the pressure can become overwhelming.

So whether you dream of opening a hair salon, a real estate agency, a Cafe, taking over the world online or any other kind of business, spend some time working through the resources we’ve provided for you here and we’ll give you the best chance of succeeding.  

Before you start

Resources to help you decide whether business ownership is right for you or not

Small Business Stories

Stories from real business owners about success, failure and everything in between

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This really is the best place on the internet to learn what running a business is all about. I wish it had been available for me when I started!


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“This is such a useful and practical Podcast about business ownership and what it entails. I especially loved Mel Oliech’s chat about health and wellbeing in business. So much great advice there.”

Nerissa B.

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“This is essential for anyone wanting to be in business, or for anyone already in business. These folks obviouly know business and what it takes to make one successful”

Scout on

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“This information is simply gold for anyone contemplating business, or even those in business. Building a business can be a challenge, and risky, but these podcasts will definitely ease the challenge and reduce the risks.”

Dana R

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“I enjoyed this new business podcast. It is aimed at people thinking of starting out in business. I already own a small business and found it interesting. I will be listening to future episodes. “


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