How to use your excitement to build momentum

Episode 5

Episode Summary

Thinking about starting a business is exciting.

If you don’t harness that excitement and energy, however, it is easy to just spin your wheels.

Excitement is great as it gives you plenty of enthusiasm and energy.

But, it is likely to decline with time.

When you are considering going into business, there is plenty to think about.

So make the most of your excitement while it’s strong. Use it to do all of the important thinking you’ll need to do before you decide to take the leap into business.

In this epiosde, we discuss 5 qualities of successful business owners.

Assess yourself against them. This process will help you make a decision about starting a business or, alternatively, discover if it’s all just a pipe dream.

We’ll also explain the relationship between momentum, excitement and preparation. 

The thinking you do before you commit to getting into business is some of the most important you’ll ever do.

If the process confirms that going into business is right for you, having a healthy dose of excitement and momentum will come in very handy!


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