You hate your job: should you own a business instead?

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Do you hate your job and often find yourself telling people all about it? Do you regularly mutter “I hate my job”, or “I hate my boss” under your breath?  

If that sounds like you, simply changing your job may not make any difference!

I regularly hear the “I hate my job” catchphrase from a whole range of people. 

What’s more, I am sure those words are spoken more regularly now than perhaps five years ago.

According to GoogleTrend there are 12,000 searches of the words “I hate my job” every month in the USA alone.

Gallup surveys show that only around 35% of US employees are engaged in their work, which is much higher than in many other countries. 

When taken together these data points suggest there are hundreds of thousands of people who hate their job!

Why do you hate your job?

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When I ask people, the replies I receive are illuminating:

  • I hate my boss, who continually talks about how good he is, and he takes the credit for everything.
  • I hate my company because they are only interested in money.
  • I am in a toxic workplace, and I don’t want to be there. I hate it.
  • My boss shouts at me, and that makes me feel awful.
  • I’m bored at work, it doesn’t excite me.
  • I want less stress in my life.
  • I want more money.
  • I need more time off.
  • I need a change.
  • I am too old to do this shit; I’m over it.

“I hate my boss” might stem from working for someone with narcissistic tendencies.

The statement “I hate my company” might indicate a “toxic workplace”. Both of these are very concerning given the thousands of blogs written about improving poor workplace culture. 

We all know that the business world is competitive, and it can bring out the darker side of some people who intend to get to the top at all costs.

No wonder then that escaping these situations to become your own boss is appealing to so many people.

Are you an employee with a poor work-life balance?

Having a poor work-life balance is a common cause of dissatisfaction for many employees, especially managers. Managers and professionals frequently find it difficult to switch off from their work as their employers expect them to be “available” at all times. 

The combination of these factors, wanting more “time off”, “less-stress” and “more money” could stem from a poor work-life balance. 

Feeling undervalued and taken for granted by your employer could be other reasons to a hatred of your job or employer.

What will make you happy?

When I ask these unhappy employees what they want, I often get even more interesting answers. They say things like 

  • I’d like to work from home and be my own boss.
  • It would be great to work for myself if I could.
  • I’d like a sense of achievement.
  • flexibility is important to me in my work.
  • I don’t know how to run a business, so I have to find another job.
  • My dream is turning my hobby into a business to see if I can make enough money doing it.
  • I never want my own business; it’s too hard.
  • I like the regular income, so I have to stick it out.
  • Maybe I will buy a franchise as it’s easier.
  • Perhaps I’d like to do something more worthwhile.
  • I don’t know but not this!

If you hate your job, only one of two things will happen.

Whatever the cause, one of two things will happen:

1 You will suck it up and stay dissatisfied.

2 You will do something about it.

What is the tipping point for quitting your job?

We often tolerate a level of discomfort in our lives and accommodate things we don’t like in the name of compromise.

For some people, their capacity to accept discomfort is more than their desire to change. Therefore, the status quo prevails, and they trundle on, dissatisfied and disillusioned.

For others, the level of dissatisfaction reaches a tipping point which initiates change. They cannot stand the feeling of being trapped any longer.

Reaching the tipping point for some people is quick. For others, it might take years before they finally say “I can’t stand this any longer-its killing me” and take action.

Changing jobs might not be the answer if you hate your job.

If you hate your job, then the obvious thing to do is change it. But, this change might not help if you are not happy with what you do. For example, being a nurse does not fundamentally change just by changing the hospital.

The underlying reasons can be more complex and therefore, rather than simply changing your current job, maybe you need to change your career altogether.

Perhaps it’s time for a new challenge to help you stop feeling stale. Many entrepreneurs want the feeling of freedom by choosing a business that excites them. Being able to utilise your skills, organise your own working agenda and contribute to making the world a better place may be your driver.

Perhaps you have a great business idea that you dream of pursuing.

Becoming a small business owner may be the best solution for some people but how does that compare to simply changing your employment?

If done well, owning a business can create personal wealth and bring new and exciting challenges to your life.

Should you start a business because you hate your job?

Undoubtedly some people are not suited to owning a business. Business ownership is not for everybody, and it’s hard to know if it is right for you without prior experience in a small to medium business.

The reality of business ownership is different from the hype on the internet and social media. There are hidden causes for new business failures that don’t get talked about, and we focus on these in our podcast.

Starting a business because you hate your job is not a good idea unless you are fully prepared and know what to expect.

Some questions you have might have  “is this a bad time to start a business?” or “do I have the business skills?”.

The Should I Own A Business Podcast

If you are considering starting a business or buying a business or franchise, preparation is the key to success. Taking the right action before you start a business is crucial.

Listen to our podcast to discover what owning a business is really like. The good, the bad and the ugly.

You will hear real business owners share their stories and experts give advice. 

We have developed a pathway to help you decide if owning a business is the right choice for you.

If you hate your job, do not start a business until you know what to expect.

Becoming a business owner is a long term and possibly life-changing event. Considering if you are suited and prepared, is a key step that can prevent you from making a big mistake.

‘The Should I Own A Business Podcast enables potential business owners to self-assess their likelihood of being successful. We guide you on how to prepare for successful business ownership.

To get started, why not take our Entrepreneur Personality Quiz?

You never know, if you hate your job, a new business could change your life forever.


Written by Brendan Barrow
Brendan Barrow is the Co-Host of the Should I Own A Business Podcast. Brendan has a wealth of business experience across many different businesses and 3 continents.


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