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The motivation

A desire to help people is clearly one of the key motivations for those who are building businesses in the health, fitness and wellness sector.

That desire could be to help a client lose weight, become fitter, become more resilient or simply happier within themselves.

An incredibly diverse Industry

The Health, fitness and wellbeing Industry is made up of an enormous number of practitioners from an equally diverse array of disciplines.

Business structures range from sole traders/sole proprietors through to corporations operating many sites and offering a variety of services.

Given the size of the industry world-wide, many international franchises also operate in the space.

It is competitive, even cut-throat at times.

For those who succeed, the possibilities are nearly endless

Listen to real people tell their stories

What is it really like to own a Health, Fitness and Wellness business? Who better to learn from than people who are out there doing it right now?

Here you can listen, read and learn from people who currently run some form of business in the Health and Wellbeing industry.

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