Marketing for the recovery

with Tracy Weller-McCormack

Episode Summary

In this episode, featuring marketing expert and founder of C4MG, Tracy Weller-McCormack, we explore whether the pandemic has changed how businesses go about marketing.

Tracy talks about the opportunities that lay ahead for small business in a post-COVID world. And how effective marketing strategies and tactics can give one business an edge over its’ competition.

We look at key questions many small business owners struggle with, such as;

  • Should you do your own marketing or employ an agency?
  • What can a business owner do now to prepare for the coming recovery?
  • How well do you know your customer, and how to reach them, after all the upheaval?

One of the key lessons from this episode is to understand that people evolve and so you, as a business owner, may need to evolve with them.

Even if you are yet to start your business, it’s important to get an understanding of just how nimble you need to be in order to meet customer demand.

In other episodes Tracy explains what makes a great website compared to an ordinary one and 5 Golden Rules for talking to customer through any media.

Our Entrepreneur Personality Quiz also has great information for budding business owners.

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