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Call it a side hustle…

It really doesn’t matter what you call it; a side hustle, a side gig or just a plain old part-time business.

Lots of people are finding ways of earning a bit of extra money outside of their regular full-time employment or study.

And with the nature of traditional work tending to become less secure, the trend of establishing a side hustle looks like it is here to stay and will only get bigger.

Online, offline and everything in between

The areas and sectors in which people are developing part-time businesses is endless.

Many choose to sell products or services online via standalone websites or platforms such as shopify or Etsy.

Others have gone down the Amazon route.

image showing a food truck business

COFFEE VANS, food trucks and market stalls are also in vogue.

Lots of folks have also turned their HOBBIES into a part-time business.

It is still a business

Not to “rain on your parade, but…..”

No matter how small and how few hours you devote to it, most of these side hustles will still be considered as “businesses” by the regulators in your Country, State or County.

And that will bring with it rules covering everything from where it can operate, how taxes are collected, the health and safety of the customers you are selling to and the list goes on.

So, even though, to the owner, it may be nothing more than an occasional part-time gig, as soon as you accept money in return for a product or service you are entering a world of regulation for which you need to be prepared.

We love side gigs

Although for many, that little part-time business may never be any more than that (and that’s cool!), if you love the idea of maybe doing it full-time and ditching the day job then subscribe and read on.

What’s that old saying?

From little things big things grow!


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