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Do you want quality content to help manage a business, not fluff, clickbait and adverts? Our content about running a business is based on real experience because we are not a blog factory like many other business websites.

As business owners and professional mentors ourselves, we have done the things we write and speak about.

Our mission is to help new and established small business owners make progress by sharing our practical experience.

Our guests and interviewees are also business owners.

Between us all, we have plenty of tips to help you manage your small business.

Common challenges running a small business exposed

If you are running a business, we have podcast episodes and resources on the common challenges business owners face, such as:


  • employing people – how to get it right
  • make your marketing and selling simple and effective
  • dealing with customers can make or ruin your day
  • the importance of focusing on cash not profit
  • grow and scale your business to create wealth
  • how to beat your competitors without price-cutting
  • the transition to an owner-leader mindset
  • make you and your business more resilient for the future
  • what you can do if your business is going badly

Focus your energy on what is important

Running a business is a juggling act, and whether you are a new or established business owner, you might be juggling the wrong things!

Many business owners do what they think is best, and some avoid things they don’t like or are not comfortable doing. Does this sound familiar?

Our podcast episodes, blogs and resources cover the Critical Business Functions and how they need to work harmoniously for your business to survive and thrive. We call them critical because if they don’t get done your business will not thrive.

Understanding your Critical Business Functions means you can plan your time and not miss vital things that can harm your results.

Runner to symbolise running a business
Light bulb for ideas to run a business
Juggler to show juggling tasks running a business

How to run your business so it grows

Managing a business requires a mix of business acumen to recognize and make the best of your business opportunity in the long term as well as managing all the daily tasks.

As a small business owner-manager you need to be across many things to run a business at its best.

Often business owners struggle because they have not had management experience and they haven’t got the time or energy to learn.

We craft our content specifically for running a small business to give you the knowledge to be a confident manager. Our content is specific and covers the essentials so you can boost your confidence quickly as you need.

Our resources, blogs and podcast episodes give you practical guidance to run your business on topics such as: 

  • Do I really need a strategy for my business?
  • My business could be better-How can I realign it so to grows?
  • What does innovation mean in managing a small business?
  • What is business culture in a small business and how do I improve it?
  • How do I avoid competing on price?
  • Do I have the right attitude to money and resources?
  • How do I need to change as my business grows?

Why is my business struggling?

Many businesses are doomed to struggle because their foundations are fundamentally weak.

Some businesses will never meet the owner’s aspirations and need, no matter how hard the owner works.

Often, this is because people start businesses with a lack of business knowledge and do not properly evaluate or design the business.

If your business relies on competing only on price, you may have a problem.

Running your business smoothly and effectively is crucial, but it is only one part of the success equation.

Do I need a business reset?

A common issue in running a business is nailing the right value proposition, strategy, and business model for your business to thrive. If you haven’t nailed these, you might be in trouble, no matter how well you manage your critical business functions.

Our blogs and podcast episodes can help you re-evaluate and revamp your business to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Man with folded arms for struggling business


Staff can be your greatest asset or your biggest headache.

Managing employees in a small business takes skill and patience.


The importance of managing cash flow in a small business rather than profitability

Sales & Marketing

Make both your Sales processes and your Marketing simple and effective


How to manage business growth and scale your business to create wealth.


Make yourself and your business more resilient for the future.

Businesses we’ve featured on the Podcast

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