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You have climbed the Corporate ladder

Many of those looking to get into business for themselves have spent time, often many years, perfecting their craft in the Corporate world.

You may be an Accountant, Lawyer, Architect, Marketing expert, Department Head, HR Manager or any of the myriad of other disciplines making up the professional services arena.

All of those careers are prevalent within the Corporate world. Just as common is the procession of corporate warriors leaving to start their own businesses.

You may get a shock

One thing I hear over and over again from those who have taken the leap and started out in their own professional services business is just how long it can take to secure enough clients to generate an income that is anything like you enjoyed ‘on the inside’.

It can be competitive, even cut-throat at times.

Just in case you were wondering, there are already a lot of private Accounting practices, Law firms or Marketing agencies.

In many locations demand is not exceeding supply!

Listen to real people tell their stories

What is it really like to own a Professional Services business? Who better to learn from than people who are out there doing it right now?

Here you can listen, read and learn from people who currently run some form of business in the services sector.

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