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Imagine if you could take a look under the hood of a great small business. What could you learn?

The strategies and actions that have worked for them and led to tremendous growth?

Maybe the things that didn’t work so well and, as a result, set the business back?

If you were building your own business, wouldn’t it be invaluable to learn from the experiences of others?

Well, now you can….

Welcome to Small Business Stories

Small Business Stories are a series of podcast interviews with the owners of small businesses from a range of industries.

You’ll hear how people from all walks of life have overcome the challenges they faced in building their businesses.

Learn how to overcome common challenges faced by Small Business Owners

become a self employed builder

Rather that waste time reinventing the wheel or money by gambling on achieving success through trial and error, wouldn’t it be a better idea to listen to how others have dealt successfully with a similar issue?

Sometimes you can learn in minutes what others have taken years to perfect! 

Listening to Small Business Stories will help you to:- 

  • Learn about strategies and ideas that have worked for other business owners 
  • Hearing about the positive and negativeimpacts owning a business has had on their lives. 
  • Gain insights into specific types of businesses (for instance, what’s it like owning a mobile Coffee Van business?)
  • Find out what business owners do every day. 
  • Gain understanding and confidence in how to handle common situations and avoid mistakes.

So who are these people?

The guests on the show are ordinary people running normal, everyday businesses. 

They are not tech gurus, fortune 500 CEOs or teenagers dreaming up the next Google.

What you will notice is how much they are just like you! 

Perhaps they left a well-paying job to start their business. Maybe they were made redundant and used the payout to buy a business. Or, perhaps they always just wanted to be their own boss.

Our guests give candid interviews about how they could have done things better with the benefit of hindsight and their hard-won experience.

Virtual business case studies

Did you know that all of us working on “Should I own a Business?” have been advising and mentoring the owners and management of small to medium sized businesses for many years?

Across that time, we have come across the same issues time and time again.

Whether it be problems with staff, trouble getting customers through the door, wasting lots of money on ineffective marketing or a host of other issues.

Whatever the problem, you can be sure that businesses all of the world have been tackling the same things.

So, to help illustrate those issues and highlight some potential solutions, the team at SIOAB have been hard at work inventing some fictional businesses and the people who own them. 

Slightly Familiar Friends

We call them “slightly familiar friends”. You will likely recognise people just like them!

They are fictitious characters based upon real people or businesses that we have observed.

In these stories you will hear about real situations and how the intrepid “Virtual Business Owners” handle them. No doubt, some will fare better than others. As in real life, some are resourceful and resilient, and others less so.

Whilst reading or listening to these stories, you can judge how well you would cope in these situations. What would you have done differently?

It’s all about the reality of business ownership

Small Business Stories are a fascinating glimpse into how owning a business can challenge your comfort zones.
It can be amazing.
It can be really tough.
Get it right and it can be incredibly rewarding.
Take the time to listen to the “Should I Own A Business?” Podcast. After all, it is made for people just like you.  

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Small Business Stories

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