Staying well as a Small Business Owner

An interview with Mel Oliech

Episode Summary

One way to guarantee that your business journey will be tough is to run yourself into the ground.

Unfortunately, that exact situation is all too common. It is one of the hidden causes of business failure.

In this episode we’re joined once again by Mel Oliech.

Mel is the co-founder of Imani Tribe Tranformations and is an expert in the area of looking after oneself when running a Business.

We chat about how important it is to look after your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing when setting out to build your own business.

Mel explains looking after yourself can yield not only health benefits but business benefits as well. When our wellbeing is optimized we are;

  • more energized,
  • more balanced, 
  • more focused
  • more alert
  • and we have better clarity that can make us more productive and procrastinate less. 

Poor well-being means lower business owner productivity

a lack of well-being can often lead to:

The “Should I Own A Business?” pathway integrates well-being into business planning.

Do not wait to establish good habits that promote your own wellbeing when starting a business.

Build it right into your business planning.

Work out when you will set aside some time each day to improve your wellbeing. Evan if it is only for a handfull of minutes each day.

Irrespective of your age, establishing good habits is wise. Younger people as well as the older business owner need to keep well.

The alternative is to ignore your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing only to burn-out at some point in the future.

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