The Team

If you are thinking of starting a business we’re here to help!


We’re Geoff and Brendan, a couple of Small Business Owners and Mentors who, between us, having been running businesses, both big and small for nearly 50 years!

We’re from opposite ends of the earth but share a common vision for the future of Small Business and the people who own them.

We know that the decision to start a business is a huge one. The stakes are high and the risk of failure is very real – especially if this is your first foray into business.

So, with the help of our wonderful expert contributors, our mission and the cause that drives us is to reduce the unacceptably high numbers of small business failures.

And we’re doing it by exposing the hidden causes of business failure so you don’t have to learn about them the hard way! 

There is a pathway you can follow!

And, if you are wondering whether running a business is for you or not, the good news is we’ve developed a pathway to help you find out.

There is no school you can attend to learn this stuff.

We’ve figured it out through building our own businesses as well as working with and observing hundreds of others – some that have succeeded and some that have failed.

Don’t fall for the con – business is not easy!

There is a colossal industry pushing the start-up dream, especially to new tech entrepreneurs. The lure of massive wealth in return for a disruptive idea is hard to resist!

BUT – the brutal reality is that almost all will fail, no matter how good the disruptive idea is.

Successfully building any type of business is hard – don’t rush into into it with your eyes closed!


This is us!

Brendan Barrow

Brendan Barrow

Mentor, Author, Podcaster and average Golfer

Brendan Barrow is a professional business mentor who loves to find innovative solutions to complex challenges quickly, often based on his cross-industry experience and knowledge.

He has 30 years of experience, across small privately-owned to large publicly listed companies, in a diverse range of industries, on three continents.

Brendan has been a Divisional Executive Board Member for a 1000 employee FMCG business and is very experienced in managing businesses through change and using innovation to turn business performance around.

His executive roles have included Site Director and GM positions as well as leading business change, innovation, operations, and technical services.

Brendan is an alumnus of the Cranfield School of Management General Management Programme and is a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chemistry.

He believes common sense, experience, and intuition are the most underrated attributes in today’s noisy business world.

“Exceptional businesses have common characteristics that are hidden in plain sight when you know where to look!”

Geoff Daniel

Geoff Daniel

Mentor, Author, Podcaster and wannabe Rock Star

Geoff Daniel is a professional business mentor.

The entrepreneurial bug grabbed Geoff in his mid-twenties, and he proceeded to start his own business (out of a rumpus room, no less!).

Fast forward 17 years and that same Company, was built to an annual turnover of over $14m and sold to a publicly listed company for a 7-figure sum. This a feat achieved by a remarkably small group of business owners.

“You learn an awful lot from trial and error, but it is a costly way to learn,” said Geoff.

“If I had my time again, I’d certainly be more proactive in seeking out people who had already done what I was trying to do. Over the years spent building the business, it would have saved me a fortune”.

During his time in business, Geoff became equally adept at presenting to a Board of Directors as designing processes in a Warehouse. “It took me a good ten years to truly understand the difference between working ‘on’ the business as compared to working ‘in’ it. While it is a concept that is very easy to talk about, it can be challenging to implement given that many business owners think about their businesses 24/7”.

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Why Listen to Us?

Great question! After all there are literally thousands of websites, social media channels and countless Gurus from whom to source pearls of Business wisdom. In a world where outlandish claims of easy paths to sustainable success and wealth are so common, we hope to provide a bit of a counter-balance.

You can learn a little about the reality of owning and operating your own business – the good, the bad and the ugly!

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